Plaid hails progress in its bid to bring World Expo to Wales

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Business, the Economy and Finance, Adam Price AM, has hailed progress in his party’s campaign to bring the globally renowned World Expo to Wales in the next 10-15 years.

Following his question to the First Minister last week, Adam Price AM has today secured a commitment from the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure that the Welsh Government will explore a Wales bid to host the event that could bring the biggest economic benefit to Wales in a generation.

World Expos, also known as World Fairs, are national events hosted by a chosen city. Countries, companies, international organisations and civil society are invited to participate by building pavilions and organising events.

Such events take place every 5 years and last up to six months. They are open to the general public and attract tens of millions of visitors, including heads of States and heads of governments. Smaller World Expos take place in the interim years and are open to the public for three months.

The Plaid Cymru AM said that the Cabinet Secretary’s confirmation that his officials are actively exploring a bid is to be welcomed, and represents the first step in a major project of selling Wales to the world.

Fellow Plaid Cymru AM, Steffan Lewis, echoed Adam Price’s comments, emphasising that the whole of Wales would benefit economically should the bid prove successful.

Adam Price AM said:

“When I questioned the First Minister last week it was a demonstration of Plaid Cymru’s ambition to showcase Wales to a global audience, attracting visitors and heads of states from around the world.

“The response from the First Minister was encouraging but to receive confirmation from the Cabinet Secretary that his officials are actively exploring a bid is to be warmly welcomed.

“Both categories of World Expos can act as catalysts for major regeneration and have the potential to bring the biggest economic benefit to Wales for a generation.

“The confirmation from the Welsh Government in the Assembly chamber today represent the first step in a major project of selling Wales to the world. I am delighted with the way in which the Welsh Government has responded to the positive case Plaid Cymru has set out for hosting this global event.”

Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales East, Steffan Lewis added:

“The Cabinet Secretary’s confirmation that the Welsh Government is actively exploring a World Expo bid is encouraging.

“This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and as such demands a Wales-wide dividend from this globally renowned event.

“A successful bid would see the whole of Wales enjoying the many benefits of the event itself, alongside the legacy we can secure for our local economies.”

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