‘Wind Turbine decision must consider opinion of Welsh Parliament’

‘Wind Turbine decision must consider opinion of Welsh Parliament’

That was the comment of local MP Jonathan Edwards in response to the decision of the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) to renege on its commitment to carry out accompanied site inspection visits in Carmarthenshire.

The IPC had previously informed residents who made representations on the proposed wind farm development in Brechfa Forest West that it would carry out ‘accompanied site inspection visits’. Many residents welcomed this commitment and saw it as an opportunity for the IPC to genuinely assess and quantify the concerns with wind turbine noise in the locality.

Plaid Cymru’s Mr. Edwards has written to the IPC expressing his disappointment with the decision and used the opportunity to question the IPC on how it will incorporate the four recommendations from the National Assembly’s Petitions Committee on Wind Turbine Noise published last week.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I am bitterly disappointment by the IPC’s decision to renege on its promise to my constituents.

“It is almost impossible for a proper reflection of the current noise concerns in the area to be considered fully if the inspectorate isn’t prepared to visit the sites where residents are already being affected.

“The residents are engaging fully with the process but it seems that the undemocratic, unelected IPC can change the goal posts at any time it wants to.

“What faith can my can my constituents have in a system whereby they have absolutely no control over developments on their doorstep? How can a system whereby major planning decisions are taken by an alien Westminster Government and not by democratic bodies in Wales be just? The responsibility for these decisions must be devolved to our National

Referring to the recommendations of the National Assembly’s Petitions Committee on wind turbine noise, Mr. Edwards told the IPC:

“I would imagine the IPC would want to fully consider the views of a committee of the democratic Parliament of Wales to avoid the accusation of acting in an imperial manner”.


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