‘Wind farm concerns now a matter of public record’

Plaid MP raises constituents’ concerns in Parliamentary debate

Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament, Jonathan Edwards, today had the UK government Minister for Climate Change summoned to a debate in order to face questions on the proposed Brechfa west wind farm.

The Carmarthenshire MP secured the debate after learning the Westminster Minister would not be visiting the area to gain an understanding of the community before passing judgement on the application.

Mr. Edwards’s debate concentrated on five key issues:
a) Whether the sixteen-year-old noise guidance was fit for purpose to assess the impact of turbines;
b) Safety concerns regarding military operations in the area;
c) The failure developers to present planning applications for electricity cables and pylons which may be needed in the area;
d) The failure of the Minister to visit the area before passing judgement on the application.
e) The full devolution of energy policy to Wales

Mr. Edwards asked participants of the debate: “How can my constituents have confidence in the Minister’s decision when he, sitting in his office here in London, decides on an application that is over 200 miles away, in a village he does not know, in a community he does not understand, and in a county he won’t come to visit?”

Speaking after the debate, the Plaid Cymru MP said:

“As I said in my opening remarks, if I had my way, there would be no need for my debate as decisions on energy policy would be made in our own national democratic institution.

“My intention in summoning the Minister to a debate was to put my constituent’s distain and disappointment to him directly. I have ultimately achieved that goal and the concerns of my constituents are now a matter of public record.

“I am obviously pleased the Minister recognised the significant level of representations I have made to him regarding this development since becoming a Member of Parliament.

“I sincerely hope my debate will make the Minister sit back and think very carefully before passing judgement on the planning application. I await his decision next week.”


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