What people have said about Jonathan

David Williamson, Western Mail:

Jonathan Edwards stepped into the shoes of Plaid Cymru’s philosopher king when Adam Price chose to leave Westminster for a sojourn in Harvard but the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP has not been seen shopping for insoles.

Few hamburgers are served with the amount of relish that Mr Edwards displays for his job. The wider party was rocked when it slipped to third place in the Assembly but Mr Edwards talks with excitement about the low-key revolution which took place in March when the referendum on law-making powers was won.

The party may have suffered a setback but he is confident that outgoing leader Ieuan Wyn Jones will be remembered for engineering a transformation of Welsh politics.

His regular contributions to debates – and his wholehearted participation in the Westminster cricket team – have helped give Plaid an influence that a three-person group might not expect.

He also has a taste for mischief, most notably when raising the possibility during Welsh Questions of, in future Assembly elections, 30 AMs and not just 20 being elected by the regional list.

It is a rare thing to combine intellectual eloquence with the common touch but this MP, whose long-term ambitions are in the Assembly, is making a bold mark.

The former occupant of the seat made his name unearthing the “Mittalgate” scandal and won enough awards to fill several mantelpieces. Mr Edwards is convinced there is a crisis in unionism and if he and his bright research team can cause the coalition to stumble and make Welsh independence seem less outlandish he will wear a smile as he drives back west”
Paul Flynn MP: “It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr (Jonathan Edwards). I agree with every single word of his speech.”

Political Commentator and Blogger Iain Dale: “Jonathan Edwards MP is excellent. A prince among men.”

Rt. Hon. Keith Vaz MP: “Your maiden speech was excellent! Congratulations! I look forward to the next one.”

Willie Bain MP, Shadow Transport Minister, refering to Jonathan’s maiden speech: “a passionate speech…”

Martin Shipton, Western Mail Chief Correspondent: “One of Plaid Cymru’s brightest young acitivists”

Sarah-Jane Absalom, Tivy Side Reporter: “Not without putting too fine a point on it, Jonathan Edwards reels off words at a speed that makes Lewis Hamilton look like a written off sloth. He fires broadsides without having to pause for breath and regardless of the subject matter; his answers are intricately calculated, and uncommon to most modern day MPs they refer directly to the points which have been laid before him. In a nutshell, Jonathan Edwards is possibly one of the most direct MPs I have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Mr Speaker (of the House of Commons): “…a perspicacious Member…”

Nadhim Zahawi MP: “I thank the hon. Gentleman for his intervention. He was a champion in helping me to draft the Bill and putting his name to it right at the outset. I am sure that his constituents and the people of Wales in general will recognise his commitment to putting this Bill on the statute book.”

John Hemmings MP:  “I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on being more effective than the official Opposition”

The Huffington Post: “The youngest and newest member of the Plaid Cymru team of MPs in Westminster, Jonathan has made a big impact on the Welsh political scene since his election in 2010. He is widely known as a tenacious and dedicated campaigner against social injustices and is a vivacious commentator on the state of the economy.”

Peter Black AM (Lib Dem):   ”Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP, Jonathan Edwards is not one to demonstrate self-doubt, nor does he appear to be a politician prepared to compromise on his principles. He is an MP cut out to be in opposition and embraces that concept at every opportunity.”

Keith Vaz MP (Labour):  “We can either have a position, as set out by the hon. Member for Carmarthen East Dinefwr….I almost called him the hon. Member for the whole of Wales…”

Geraint Davies MP (Labour): “I bet the hon. Gentleman’s wife was happy about that, with him shouting for a goal, but there we are. I wish him a long and happy marriage while watching Swansea.”

Jonathan Evans MP (Con): “I respect the hon. Gentleman’s knowledge of economic matters….”

David Jones MP (Con) Secretary of State for Wales: “The hon. Member for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr made a typically engaging contribution. I am sad to say that I disagreed with almost every word, but he will probably be quite pleased to hear that. It would appear that Plaid Cymru is now even more unreconstructedly socialist than almost any other party in Parliament and maybe even any individual in Parliament.”

The Times Guide to the House of Commons: “passionate but pragmatic nationalist. Down to earth, and approachable, son of a working class councillor and union man.”

Anne Treneman Times Sketch writer: “MPs made a series of rather gentle points until Jonathan Edwards , of Plaid Cymru ,stood up…….passion alert”

Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent for the Financial Times:  It does seem odd that Labour-led Welsh assembly didn’t think Wales deserved extra £$£ for HS2 – but now do. Credit to you, @JonathanPlaid.

Stephen Crabb MP (Con):  I am grateful for the opportunity to follow the hon. Member for
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr (Jonathan Edwards)—my hon. Friend—who spoke
with trademark passion. He gave us a treat by dipping into Welsh
political traditions. Like my hon. Friend the Member for North East
Somerset (Jacob Rees-Mogg), I greatly enjoyed his history lesson.


Jacob Rees-Mogg MP (Con):  “It is a great honour to speak in this debate because the nationalists appear to have a very clever plot, whereby they send their best and brightest people down to Westminster to make us realise how much we would miss them if they went independent.  Since entering this House in 2010, I have become more and more pro-union, simply because of the fantastic speeches we hear from nationalist members.  Today was a model of its kind.  The honourable Member for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr gave an absolutely brilliant speech that started with the ancient history of Wales and had the House gripped by his every word.”