West Wales Economy Will Be Hit Hardest

Tory-Lib Dem cuts have targeted West Wales according to findings published by the Financial Times. The FT have highlighted how the deep cuts imposed on Welsh house holds by Conservative MPs will target West Wales whilst better off areas in England get away with minimal impact. According to the Financial Times analysis, base on a 20per cent cut from spending in public sectors, the economy in West Wales will fall by 3.3 per cent, whilst the same cut will only impact on 1.5 per cent in prosperous areas such as Cheshire. Local politicians have hit out as Tory politicians representing the county for failing to stand up for their constituents.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I am so angry that Conservative MPs and AMs representing the county are happy to support proposals that will hit the economy in West Wales harder than anywhere else. This analysis clearly shows that this is an unfair budget designed to protect the rich in England whilst ordinary workers and businesses in Carmarthenshire suffer

Nerys Evans AM added:

“Under these heartless plans, which Angela Burns AM and Simon Hart MP are fully backing, the poorest people in society will be taking twice the hit of the richest. Is that really fair when city bankers in London created the financial mess that we all have to deal with? Given how reliant the West Wales economy is on public sector workers is staggering that Conservative politicians representing this county would be so pleased to support job cuts locally.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“No one is under the impression that getting to grips with the mess Labour left the economy in is going to be easy. Tough decision will have to be made. However, making those decisions on the basis of protecting the richest parts of England, whilst attacking jobs and businesses in West Wales, shows that the ConDem government care very little about our local communities.”

Man Trafod - Rhowch sylwad yma

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