Welsh economic recovery must be secured, says Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru plans would create 50,000 jobs for Wales

Plaid Cymru economy spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP has called for moves to secure the Welsh economic recovery, including better use of public contracts to create 50,000 jobs in Wales and slashing businesses rates to help small companies.

This follows the announcement that UK 3rd quarter GDP increased by 0.8%. However, no Welsh GDP figures are available, making it difficult to assess the strength of the Welsh economy.

Today’s figures show that the UK economy remains 2.5% smaller now than it was at the start of 2008, and 40,000 more people in Wales are looking for work than at that time.

Plaid Cymru economy spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“While welcoming any positive news, this is the slowest and longest economic recovery in history.

“Policies forced on Wales from Westminster have meant pain for families and households, in terms of both jobs and wages so that they find it difficult to make ends meet.

“The recovery is very much centred in London and the south east of England though, because, in Wales, house prices continue to fall and unemployment is still more than 40,000 higher than before the crash.

“However, without a proper record of Welsh GDP, we will never know how our economy is really doing.

“Plaid Cymru would create 50,000 jobs in Wales through better use of contracts and purchasing power and slash business rates for small businesses, putting Welsh jobs and businesses first.”

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