Gall Cymru Llwyddo Hefyd – Journal Awst 24, 2011

August is normally a quiet month for politics.   However, earlier this month my predecessor Adam Price published a detailed research study which will change political discourse in Wales for the next generation.

Since deciding to take a break from politics to study in Harvard, Adam has been a huge loss to Welsh public life.   The ‘Flotilla Effect’
report clearly shows that Adam has lost none of his ability.   It smashes to pieces the argument often used by the enemies of our country – that Wales is too small to survive as an independent country.

The study looks at the economic performance of small nation states across the European Union since the end of the Cold War.   Since 1989 our economy has grown by a paltry 0.9%.    If growth had mirrored the average of small countries within Europe, even after
taking into account the Eastern bloc’s ‘catch up’, Welsh wealth per head would now be above the UK average instead of at the bottom.

The reason small countries perform better economically is that they are able to adapt flexibly to global economic situations far faster than larger countries.  Also parts of larger Nation States are often at the whims of economic policies which undermine their ability to grow and prosper.   This certainly has been the case for Wales where successive UK Government have based policy around the needs of London and the South East of England, and in particular the financial sector, with traditional manufacturing economies such as ours abandoned.

There is absolutely no economic reason why Wales couldn’t be any different to the other small countries of the world who have
embraced their freedom.   The great success of the report is that it will now force unionist politicians to explain how under current arrangements our economy will catch up with the rest of the British State. After a century of failure, I wouldn’t hold my breath.   Patronizing language such as Wales is too small simply wont do anymore.

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  1. You are right that the UK government bet the farm on the Banking sector, and lost, and appear to be doing it again. Wales doesn’t have a banking sector, and that was often used against us as a weakness, but it would in fact have protected us from the crash.

    Adam’s research is magisterial, and his findings beyond any real question, though I do agree with Dylan Jones Evans that it would be nice to see how other stateless nations within the EU have fared. I know that Catalunya and Euskadi,(basque) have done very well indeed since being granted autonimy, though not full independence. So I’m sure that Adam will be working on that during the next year.

    The only valid argument the unionists have left is that we Welsh are congenitally incapable of looking after ourselves, and quite frankly, looking at the likes of Jane Hutt, Huw Lewis and Carwyn Jones, they appear at first sight to have a point. But thankfully, the incapable clowns who now run our government do not represent the best of Welsh Talent – they have had to rise through the very restricting filter of the Welsh labour party, which identifies talent and originality at an early stage, and squashes it forever. There are many other people, yourself included, who could do a much better job.

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