“Vote for Local Castles” urge local Politicans

Carmarthenshire politicians Jonathan Edwards MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM are urging all residents in the country and throughout Wales to vote for “Britain’s most romantic ruin”. The competition run by BBC’s Countryfile has short listed three Abbeys and seven Castles in which Carreg Cennen and Llansteffan Castles, both of which are in Carmarthenshire, make the top ten.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“It is fantastic to see that two Welsh Castles have made it into the top ten of ‘Britain’s most beautiful ruin’. The fact that both castles are in Carmathenshire is an opportunity to not only promote our heritage in Wales, but to see the much needed increase in tourism in our county. It is difficult for me to pick the best of our many stunning Castles and Abbeys in Carmarthenshire, but voters in the competition can choose their top three favourites and I have no doubt that they’ll only have one dilemma; which one to put third”.

Jonathan Edwards added:

“I was so pleased to hear that two Carmarthenshire castles are representing the whole of Wales in the competition. From Dryslwyn and Dinefwr to Llansteffan and Laugharne, we have some of the most attractive and historically important castles in the country. Rhodri Glyn and I have voted. Have you?”

Notes to Editor:

Closing date for the competition is November 26th 2010

Voting can be done online at http://www.bbccountryfilemagazine.com/ruinsvote

The winner will be announced in the February edition of the BBC’s Countryfile Magazine

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