Prioritise pot holes before unwanted parking restrictions, Adam tells Welsh Government


Rather than imposing unwanted waiting restrictions on the main A483 trunk road at Llandybie and Ffairfach, Llandeilo, the Welsh Government should concentrate its time and efforts on sorting out the pot holes on the same road – that was the message from Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, Adam Price this week who said the government was "completely out of touch with our communities."

Last year the Welsh Government announced it would be formally consulting on proposed waiting restrictions for the main trunk road around Llandybie and Ffairfach. 

Residents of both villages, County Councillor representatives and Community Councils have all questioned the rationale behind the proposals, saying they are not wanted and not needed. 

Rather than listen to the strong public opinion the Welsh Government, which is responsible for trunk roads, confirmed to Assembly Member Adam Price this week that it intends continuing with its statutory procedures and preparing Draft Orders for the proposed restrictions.

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member said the Labour Welsh Government seems intent on wasting money whilst the pot holes made the same road like an "unwanted off-road driving experience."  He called on the Transport Secretary to prioritise the needs of local residents.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Assembly Member, Adam Price said:

"The Transport Secretary tells me the areas were identified as needing safety measures for speeding following a review in 2015.

"Far from making the road safer, removing the ability to park cars in these areas is likely to have the opposite effect.  The parked cars act as de facto traffic calming measures as vehicles have to slow down through the villages.

"Opening up these roads will not only make it impossible for local residents to park outside of their homes, but will mean traffic having no obstructions and will undoubtedly increase speeding and reduce safety.

"But this very trunk road – particularly through Bonllwyn and Ffairfach – is crying out to be resurfaced.  It's like an unwanted off-road driving experience.

"Why on earth is this Labour government seemingly intent on wasting time and money on imposing restrictions that nobody wants, whilst the surface of the road desperately needs investment?

"The Welsh government is completely out of touch with our communities, and I would urge the Transport Secretary to prioritise the wishes of local residents – none of whom would want their local roads to be opened up for more speeding traffic."

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