True Wales – Agents of the Tories

With Plaid Ieuan Wyn Jones having successfully delivered the trigger vote for the referendum, it’s about high time we started scrutinising the likely arguments of the no campaign.

It seems True Wales – the forbearers of the No Campaign – will attempt to muddy the waters as much as possible and play the politics of fear. I won’t engage in responding to their ridiculous claims – namely that Wales will be mired in poverty if the Welsh Government is able to pass its laws via the National Assembly without going through Westminster.

Despite the fact that their current arguments are politically illiterate based on the question at hand, those of us who support law making powers for Wales should not underestimate the political momentum that might be gained by an anti politic message.

The referendum question will be based in legal terms on moving from Part 3 to Part 4 of the 2006 Government of Wales Act. Essentially should Westminster continue to enjoy a veto over proposed Welsh laws or not. This was the compromise between Plaid and Labour in One Wales. Part 4 is Labour’s policy not some sort of nationalist trap.

In a few months time the Tories will almost certainly form the next UK Government. Select Committees at Parliament are elected on the basis of the UK General Election result. Consequently, no matter the result in Wales, the Welsh Affairs Select Committee will have a Tory majority. Unless there is a successful referendum, the Tories in London will be able to block any legislation the Welsh Government wishes to introduce.

The Welsh Affairs Select Committee in the event of a Tory UK General Election victory, and not winning the majority of seats in Wales, would lack the democratic legitimacy to scrutinise Welsh Government legislation.

True Wales and the Labour activists at the core of their movement should answer whether or not they would be willing to support the continuation of a legislative system that allows the progressive Welsh Government and its democratically mandated programme of government to be undermined by Tory MPs that lack that democratic legitimacy from the Welsh electorate – especially considering that many of the Tory MPs on the Committee might not even represent Welsh constituencies.

The reality is that True Wales in campaigning to preserve the Westminster Veto are acting as agents of Conservative and Unionist party.

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  1. True Wales is more complicated that just being agents of the Tories.

    Lets make no mistake about the fact that many Labour activists – particularly their MP’s – are willing to sacrifice a lot of so called “principles” to retain their influence in Westminster.

    Providing law-making powers will strengthen the calls to reduce the number of Welsh members in Westminster – and their jobs are on the line. What many of these Labout MP’s fail to realise is that they carry on as they are they’ll loose their seats anyway!

    So dont underestimate the importance of a strong Plaid result in the forthcoming General Election which would ensure that both Labour and Tory understand that anything less than full support for an early referendum – with no obstacles from either Peter Hain or the tories in London – and a responding YES vote will do.

    I firmly believe that the people of Wales can see through Rachel Banner and “True” Wales – and we must capitalise on every opportunity to show up the lies and dishonesty in their arguments.

  2. The measures taken in a small region of the United Kingdom should be congruous with the governance of the entire kingdom; therefore the Welsh Affairs Select Committee does have the moral right to continue in its role of scrutiny.

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