Trident transparency needed: Plaid quiz Con-Dems on Welsh Government’s deadly nuclear weapons request

Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards today called upon the UK Government to release details of any discussions that they have held about the location of Trident nuclear weapons after 2014.

Unable to answer the question, Sir George Young, the Leader of the House of Commons, instead promised that the Ministry of Defence would write to the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP with a full answer to his question.

The question follows the announcement from Labour First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, that he was seeking to bring Trident from its current base in Faslane, Scotland to Wales.

Mr Edwards said:

“We want a nuclear weapons free Wales.

“Labour have no mandate for offering up Wales as a location for deadly nuclear weapons after Scottish independence.

“It was the Labour Party in London who took us into a devastating war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction but now the Labour Party in Cardiff want to place such weapons in Welsh waters.

“The question is whether they have been secretly plotting with the Conservatives in London to bring WMDs to Wales.

“Economically Trident is poor value for money as investment in infrastructure would create far more jobs and morally it is simply wrong to play host to weapons which can kill thousands if not millions of people if they were ever used.

“We want to put Wales on the map, not blow it off it.

“That is why there is no welcome in the hillside for Trident.”


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