A Tribute to Adam

Considering I am only able to seek election at the forthcoming General Election due to the decision of Adam Price – my hero, mentor and friend – to stand down from Parliament, it’s only right that my first post should be a tribute to Adam’s huge political contribution.

I first met Adam at the Plaid husting meeting to decide our new candidate following the stunning victory enjoyed by Rhodri Glyn Thomas’s in the 1999 elections to the National Assembly. Adam’s performance that night in the Memorial Hall in Llandybie gave a clear indication of the political impact he would go on to make during the first phase of his political career. In the eight years since, he has already established himself as one of the all time greats of the National Movement and of the elected representatives Wales has sent down the M4 to Westminster.

At the time I was the party’s Organiser in the constituency, and following our incredible victory in 2001 – in which we won one of only the eight seats Labour lost across the whole of the UK that night – I led on political affairs for both Rhodri and Adam until 2006.

During those years we fought on a range of issues from compensation for the miners in the teeth of opposition from the Blair Labour Government; on pension protection for workers who has lost all provision following the illegal failure of successive Tory and Labour Governments to adopt EU Directives; for a fairer deal for our farmers and to save the haemorrhaging of both industrial and agricultural manufacturing jobs away from our county. We fought a Labour Government on issues you would normally expect a Labour Government to promote. It’s hardly surprising that working class boys like Adam and me have now found a home in Plaid – a party that will never turn its back on our communities.

People ask me am I overawed by the challenge of replacing Adam as Plaid candidate and potentially as Member of Parliament? I don’t quiet see it like that. Adam is a political ‘one off’. Trying to replicate his success would be foolhardy. However, we both come from the same political tradition – and it’s the same values of fairness, endeavour and loyalty to our home patch that flood our veins. With a running mate such as Rhodri Glyn – who has served the people of Carmarthen East and Dinefwr with such diligence and integrity over the last decade – and the tremendous staff the party has representing the constituency in our two full time offices, I know if I make it to Westminster I will never forget the people who send me there – unlike the London Parties.

Adam has decided his political future lies at the National Assembly for Wales where he would make such a difference as a member of our National Government when Plaid lead Wales after 2011. I will fight the forthcoming General Election knowing that I am the only candidate that can hope to build on his legacy. I hope I will be able to fire the political imaginations of the people of my home communities – just as Adam succeeded.

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  1. Losing Adam is a bitter blow to the constituency. However, I’m delighted Plaid have selected a local boy that seems to have the same passion for politics and his home patch. Why Labour have gone for Christine Gwyther i have no idea – and surely the Tories in chosing an investment banker as their candidate show where their priorities lie. Best of luck Jonathan, I’m fully behind you.

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