Jonathan accuses government of interfering in devolved matters

Jonathan Edwards MP has accused the government of ‘crippling’ the Trade Union movement and ‘interfering’ on devolved matters, ahead of the Trade Union Bill’s Second Reading in the House of Lords on Monday evening.

The Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP will address a rally outside Parliament to assert Plaid Cymru’s opposition to the Bill and reaffirm the party’s commitment to vote down any attempts to attack the basic rights of Welsh workers.

Plaid Cymru MPs voted against the Bill at the third reading in Parliament in November, when the party called for Wales to be excluded from the Bill, citing its content as a ‘direct attack on working people’s rights’ and an ‘intrusion’ on the National Assembly’s devolved powers.

Mr Edwards will be joined by representatives from NAPO, the NUT, BFAW, with cross-party support from Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and the SNP’s Chris Stephens.

Speaking ahead of the rally, Jonathan Edwards MP said,

“The UK has some of the most prohibitive Trade Union laws in the West, yet the Tories are intent on weakening the basic rights of millions of workers, tightening the ability of trade unions to take industrial action and effectively holding workers to ransom.

"There is a clear mandate for Wales to be removed from the bill. The UK government has made no attempt to consider the bill impacts in Wales and in particular, on our public services.

"Westminster’s attempts at railroading this regressive Bill will only serve to strengthen Plaid Cymru’s call to devolve responsibility for employment law from Westminster to the National Assembly. That is the only way to protect the rights of Welsh workers from these punitive and brutal measures.

"Plaid Cymru will continue to push hard for the UK Government to seek Welsh Government consent before the most contentious parts of the Bill can take effect in relation to devolved matters such as Health, Education and Local Government.”


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