Tory Budget Puts Local Jobs at Risk

The ConDem budget will hit areas like Carmarthenshire, with high dependency on public services, worse than anywhere else, a local MP has warned. Jonathan Edwards MP, who is the Plaid Cymru spokesperson on the Treasury, said the budget put jobs at risk and will hit low earners and businesses very hard.

Jonathan Edwards MP, Plaid Treasury spokesperson, said:

“This budget is an attack on public services, an attack on front line workers and an attack on the economy of Carmarthenshire. We currently have a fragile economic recovery and inflicting savage cuts now will have a negative influence on that. Labour were proposing cuts that would have seen 45,000 people put out of work and now thanks to the Conservatives and Lib Dems that figure could be closer to 60,000.

It is clear that Tory MPs representing Wales, and particular those in this part of Wales, have fundermentally failed in their duty to protect the communities they were elected to serve. As the Financial Times has stated, there is no economic reason for this Budget and the trajectory of Government policy will hit the poorest and communities like Carmarthenshire hardest.”

Nerys Evans AM added:

“I am sure people in Carmarthenshire will be asking where the priorities are for Angela Burns AM and Simon Hart MP. It is clear from today’s announcements that as members of the Tory party that have just announced the worst budget we have seen in living history, they are not on the side of ordinary working people in West Wales.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“Labour had already planned deep cuts but the Tory-Lib Dem plans will put even more jobs at risk. What is very worrying is whilst the Tories and Lib Dems spoke with relish of the cuts they are making to public services in Wales; they made no mention of looking at the way Wales is funded. We currently lose out on around £300m every year and under this government will only lose out more.”

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