Anger at Llandovery Post Office temporary closure


Local representatives have reacted angrily after Post Office Ltd announced there would be a loss to services in Llandovery whilst the Post Office moves to its new location.

The current post office is due to close on 22nd March with a party interested in taking over the postal services already going through the formal application process.
Post Office Ltd has told County Councillor Handel Davies that it could take three to five months before the new service is operational, prompting an angry response from Cllr Davies, who has since sought the support of Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards.
Councillor Davies said he shared the views of Llandovery Town Council that an interim service was absolutely vital.
Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards said Llandovery and the communities of north Carmarthenshire had been negatively affected by the loss of several banks.  He said Post Office Ltd was not sticking to its end of the agreement to provide banking services.
County Councillor Llandovery, Cllr Handel Davies said:
"I'm delighted that a person has come forward to continue the service in the future, and we're all very grateful for the years of service given by our retiring postmaster.
"But from where are the people of Llandovery and the surrounding communities supposed to receive post office services if Post Office Ltd is unable to provide any form of temporary mobile solution?
"To go without a service for any length of period is most unsatisfactory and, frankly, it is unacceptable.
"I sincerely hope Post Office Ltd will be able to reconsider its position to ensure that services continue in the transition period until the new post office is open."
Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards added:
"The process of opening a new post office can take up to six months, and I am aware of circumstances in other communities whereby elderly residents were forced to book a taxi to go and get their pensions.
"It is imperative that Post Office Ltd not only fast tracks the entire process for this specific location, but ensures there is an interim service for residents.
"Llandovery and its surrounding communities in the north of the county have already been dealt a series of blows with the loss of banks, only to be told that they can go to the post office.
"It seems to me that Post Office Ltd is not sticking to its end of the banking agreement to provide those important services.
"I have made strong representations to Post Office Ltd and have, in no uncertain terms, expressed the importance of an interim service for the town and surrounding communities."

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