Support Needed for Those Facing Fuel Debt

Figures released by Citizens Advice Cymru show that people are increasingly struggling with the challenges of debt. Between April 2009 – March 2010 the charity saw a 16% increase in the number of enquiries on debt compared to last making up 38% of all enquiries. Local MP Jonathan Edwards, who previously acted as Head of Policy for Citizen’s Advice Cymru Wales, said the figures were deeply worrying.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“The number of people facing problems with debt is very concerning. As someone who has a passion for tackling the issue of fuel poverty I am especially concerned with the fact enquiries about fuel debts were up 29% last year. This is an indication of how fuel poverty is continuing to have a major impact on our communities.”

Mr Edwards added:

“I would recommend that anyone who has lost their home, job or struggling with debt get in touch with the CAB to see what assistance they can offer. It could very well be that many people on the county are missing out on welfare benefits that they are entitled to.”

Nodiadau / Notes:

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