Support for new epilepsy branch in Ammanford

After a successful awareness event in Ammanford, Epilepsy Action, are looking to establish a branch in the town. Local AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas, who joined the charity at its recent event in Ammanford Pensioners Hall, and Jonathan Edwards MP, are backing the plans and calling for any local volunteers wishing to help to come forward.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I was really pleased to have been able to meet with the charity at its Ammanford event and hear about the important work it has been doing. I am very keen to support any proposals that could see a branch open in the town and with it offer an outlet for people locally to gain help and support in dealing with epilepsy.”

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Anyone who would like to get involved in helping establish an Ammanford branch should get in touch with the Regional Services Manager for Wales, Ann Sivapatham on 01633 253 407. I know from the work other branches, such as the one based in Llanelli, have done that having a local facility like this is hugely important not just on an individual basis but also in the wider concerns of tackling epilepsy.”

Epilepsy Action Regional Services Manager for Wales Ann Sivapatham said:

“We had a very positive response from the public to the event we held in Ammanford, and were also very pleased to have the chance to speak to Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM about local issues. Taking things forward by establishing an Ammanford branch would be excellent in terms of offering advice and support locally.”

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