It's time for a Wales-wide budget, Plaid Cymru tells the Welsh Government


Plaid Cymru Assembly Members have voted against the Welsh Government's Supplementary Budget, calling on Labour Ministers to bring forward a budget that demonstrates it is committed to investing in the whole of Wales.

Plaid Cymru's Shadow Economy Secretary, Adam Price told AMs that a staggering 95% of the identifiable projects in the Supplementary Budget were based in Cardiff or the South-East.

"There may well be projects for North Wales and Mid and West Wales, but we simply don't know due to the lack of information and lack of transparency in this budget", Adam Price said.

He added that Plaid Cymru "welcomes increased investment for the south-east. We need our capital region to thrive alongside an equitable distribution of investment for every region."

The Supplementary Budget adjusts the current 2016/17 Labour-Lib Dem budget which was passed by the last Assembly in March 2016. Plaid Cymru Assembly Members opposed the budget at the time.

The Assembly's Cross-Party Finance Committee today also expressed disappointment by the lack of transparency in the government's budget documentation.

Speaking after the vote, Plaid Cymru's Adam Price said:

"Once again this Labour Government arrogantly came to the Assembly Chamber believing it can railroad through millions of pounds of public spending changes without giving Assembly Members or indeed members of the public sufficient information.

"Labour should learn by now that Plaid Cymru AMs have the audacity to scrutinise, and the willingness to oppose if they do not meet the standards that taxpayers deserve when their money is spent. Our votes should never be taken for granted.

"As I said in the Assembly Chamber, it may well be that some money is to be spent in the North and Mid and West regions, but we simply cannot tell due to the lack of transparency from the Welsh Government. Of those we can identify, a staggering 95% of them are in Cardiff or the south east region.

"Plaid Cymru will do what is can to ensure the nation has an all-Wales Government which delivers a Wales-wide budget."

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