Spare a thought for elderly during winter weather

People in our local communities are being urged to look out for their neighbours with the winter weather taking effect. With charities warning that elderly people could become prisoners in their own homes Adam Price MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Plaid candidate Jonathan Edwards are calling on people to rally around to ensure that the more vulnerable are given support.

Adam Price MP said:

“This weather is extremely cold and hazardous. Everyone can testify to how difficult it can be underfoot but it is even more problematic for the more elderly and vulnerable in our communities. Checking on neighbours of any age is important at this time of the year.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“If you have an elderly neighbour or relatives please take the time to check if they are in need of anything during this poor weather. It could be that they are struggling with the cold or simply that they have been unable to get in the weekly shopping because of the conditions.”

Jonathan Edwards said:

“One of the key campaigns I am aiming to highlight is the issue of fuel poverty. Increasing heating costs, especially in rural areas like Carmarthenshire, are really stretching the finances of people in the county. Pensioners are particularly hit by this and are often most at risk from the cold winter weather.”

Jonathan helps to clear snow

Jonathan helps to clear snow

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