Snap Election – Bring it on Gordon!

Fervent speculation has been surrounding Westminster all week that a March 25 snap election is on. This would mean the Prime Minister going to visit the Queen on St David’s day on Monday. Further tightening in a poll today which puts the Tory lead at only 5% and the revised GDP figures for the 4th quarter to 0.3% has left Labour strategists bullish. I have argued before, from their point of view things are hardly likely to get better so strike when the iron is hot.

Locally the Labour party have increased activity, and Peter Hain saw fit to launch Labour’s election campaign in Ammanford last weekend (when I was away at the Plaid Conference). I must stop mentioning him in blogs and interviews because whenever I say anything about the current Secretary of State, it seems that he is over the mountain from Neath into Carmarthenshire claiming that he is going to re-gain the seat for Labour.

What sort of campaign can we expect from Labour? Locally, it will be negative and dirty. My sources inform me that already the Labour rumour mill attacking me personally is at work – and the Labour candidate has yet to make a positive comment in any interview since her selection. You would think they have been in opposition over the last 13 years!

Their main pitch to the Welsh electorate seems to be playing the Tory bogeyman. Considering their record it’s a bit rich. Vote Labour and you get Tory policies.

Since 1997 when New Labour promised ‘things can only get better’:

• Regional and individual wealth polarisation has increased
• 2.3 million children are in poverty
• A million of our young people are unemployed
• There is £1.4 trillion of personal debt circulating in the economy leaving many households debt ridden
• A quarter of all Welsh households live in fuel poverty
• Disposable income amongst the poorest income groups is lower than during the Thatcher area according to the JRF
• The policy response to financial crisis has meant wealth redistribution from the poor and the middle classes to the super rich at an unimaginable scale

For Peter Hain to try and claim the progressive political tradition is about as credible as the investment bankers of the City of London claiming that they deserve their bonuses!

The choice between the London parties is no choice at all. Labour is directionless and politically bankrupt. If the people of Wales want a change at this election send the strongest ever Plaid Parliamentary team to Westminster so that your elected representatives will work in the interests of our communities not the city paymasters of the London parties.

Now that the division lines are set lets get the election on. So bring it on Gordon – what are you waiting for?

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