Securing Wales' Future

Leanne Wood to join Adam Price and Jonathan Edwards in Llandeilo event to discuss Wales’ future.



Plaid Cymru party leader, Leanne Wood, will join Carmarthenshire politicians Jonathan Edwards MP and Adam Price AM in a public discussion about how best to secure Wales’ future following the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

The public meeting, to be held at the White Hart in Llandeilo on Friday 15th July at 6:30pm, is part of a series of meetings being held by Leanne Wood across Wales to discuss Wales’ priorities and ambitions in her capacity as leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly.

Jonathan Edwards MP, Plaid Cymru’s Treasury Spokesperson in Westminster, and Adam Price as Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Business, Economy and Finance in the National Assembly for Wales, will add their thoughts in this public event aimed at discussion and engagement.

The event is open to all, and more information can be found here or by phone at 01269 597 677.

Commenting on the event, Adam Price AM said:

“Plaid Cymru is the Party of Wales, and we are working hard to defend Wales’ national interests following the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

“I look forward to welcoming Leanne Wood to the constituency and I hope that this public event will allow Carmarthenshire to hear what Leanne Wood, as leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, is doing for our constituency and our country, but also contribute and engage with the issues affecting our country.

“Wales, more than ever, needs to work together to secure our interests and ensure that our voice is heard. This event is an opportunity for Carmarthenshire to be heard, and I hope that many constituents will join Leanne Wood, Jonathan Edwards and I in an open discussion on how best to secure Wales’ future.”

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