Recent weeks the political debate has been dominated by an unsavoury political row initiated pre-emptively by the Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council. Please find below links to the main coverage of the story:

South Wales Guardian:

South Wales Evening Post:

The initial press notice was issued jointly by the Executive of Council and Sainsbury’s via the press department of the Council.

Since the original story broke the Leader of the Council has been embroiled in an exercise of political spin, using the publicly funded press department of the Council, to rival Tony Blair’s Iraq dodgy dossier.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10, the Full Council will meet for the first time since this sorry episode began.

Nobody goes into politics expecting not to receive a couple of low blows from your opponents, especially when your main rival is the Labour party. However, at the heart of any democratic system there has to be political integrity. This means that on no occasion should elected members and civil servants issue statements that are blatant lies and have no basis in fact.

We have therefore taken the extraordinary step of publishing our paper trail on this whole saga. These documents are the basis of a complaint we have made this week to the Local Government Ombudsman against the Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council and the Chief Executive, which can be found at the bottom of this post.

Jonathan Edwards MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM

1. Letter to Planning Department 16-03-2011

2. RGT Letter to Planning Department (with acknowledgement) 14.02.2012

3. JE Letter to Planning Department (with acknowledgement) 14.02.2012

4. RGT Letter to Chief Executive 27.03.2012

5. Response from Chief Executive 28.03.2012

6. JE Request to Welsh Government to Call-In application E25041 (Llandeilo)

7. RGT Request to Welsh Government to Call-In application E25041 (Llandeilo)

8. Letter from Welsh Government to County Council – Notification of Call-In 20.07.2012

9. E-mail correspondence on Call-In requests

10. Further e-mail correspondence on Call-In request

11. Report by Welsh Government Planning Officials

12.Letter of Complaint

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