Rural Tourism Essential To Carmarthenshire’s Economy

A Local Assembly Member has called for farming to be used as a tool for tourism. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, who is chair of the rural sub committee at the Assembly, believes that agriculture, and the unique role it plays in rural communities, can be a key economic driver if used effectively in bringing tourists and businesses to Carmarthenshire.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“Farming is a huge part of the culture in Carmarthenshire and should be used more efficiently as a way to draw in tourism. There are some fantastic examples of rural businesses that have diversified their services in order to appeal to tourists. Only recently I visited the Cwmcerrig farm shop which has excelled in this field.

I know this is an issue the FUW have recently highlighted and it is something I am supportive of. We must ensure that information and guidance is given to farmers, particularly small local businesses, in order for them to exploit the opportunities available to them.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“Many family businesses run farm-based rural tourism business as part of that set up. These play a vital role in diversifying the services on offer, finding new revenue schemes and keeping family member’s together working on the farm.

I know that farm tourism operators feel that priority is given to big scale urban events. There is a need for Wales to target events such as the Ryder Cup, and its impact will be fantastic for the Welsh economy, but we must also ensure that investment in rural tourism is not sidelined as a result. Indeed we should use large scale events as an introduction to what else is on offer in Wales to attract and retain tourism.”

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