Local roads in Wales see 42% reduction in spending


The state of Welsh roads is not fit for the last century, let alone this one – that was the message local Assembly Member Adam Price told fellow AMs in the National Assembly this week.

Assembly Members were debating the Welsh road network on Wednesday afternoon when Mr Price, who is also Plaid Cymru's Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Transport, highlighted that local roads had seen a 42% reduction in spending in the last four years, from £362m in 2012 to £209m in 2016 - the latest figures available.

Mr Price also noted that since the year 2010, where the number of deaths on Welsh roads was at its lowest point, the number has since crept up, indicating a potential link between decreasing investment with an increasing dangers.

In his closing comments the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr AM cautioned that Wales risks losing out on the opportunities brought by carbonless and driverless cars if the conditions of the roads are not improved.

Assembly Member Adam Price said:

"On a national level spending on roads has reduced by £32million since the start of the last Assembly term in 2011.  In the case of local roads, however, spending has gone from £362m in 2012 to £209m in 2016 – that's a staggering 42% reduction in a short period of time.

"Roads spending in Scotland has remained the same over that period, but has actually increased by 25% in England.

"The condition of our roads can have a direct impact on our day to day lives, not least those who have been involved in road traffic incidents.  Indeed the number of road incidents has started to increase as road spending has decreased.

"The road network in Wales is not fit for the last century, let alone this one.

"If we are to stand any chance in capitalising on the opportunities driverless and carbonless cars can bring to our environment and our economy, the decline in investment has to be turned around."


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