Road casualties at their lowest since records began

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP have welcomed new figures showing the number of people killed or injured on Welsh roads is the lowest since records began in 1968. The county politicians say that it is fantastic news and recognition of road safety measures and campaigns that have been undertaken by the Welsh Government. Key figures include:

During 2009 there were 7,126 road accidents involving personal injury recorded by the police in Wales, 658 (8 per cent) fewer than in 2008.

These accidents resulted in 10,354 casualties, 832 (7 per cent) fewer than in 2008.

125 people were killed on Welsh roads, 17 (12 per cent) fewer than in 2008.

1,096 people were seriously injured in 2009, 158 (13 per cent) fewer than in 2008.

9,133 people were slightly injured, a decrease of 657 (7 per cent) compared with the previous year.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I am obviously very pleased with the figures that have been published. We have seen some tragic incidents in the constituency over the years and everyone would like to see future accidents avoided. It is a testament to the work done by the Welsh Government, under the guidance of Ieuan Wyn Jones AM as Transport Minister that the number of people killed or injured has come down. Hopefully that can be a building block to even lower figures for the next year.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“A significant factor in the reduction of casualties that we are seeing is the Assembly’s decision to allocate over £30 million since 2007 to enable local authorities to implement a range of road safety projects. This work has been vital. I have spoken to many constituents who have had members of their family killed or injured as a result of accidents on our local roads, and I am passionate about building on this success to reduce even further the risks to drivers and passengers.”

Deputy First Minister and Minister for Transport, Ieuan Wyn Jones AM added:

“These figures show that casualties on our roads are now the lowest since records began. In every category, from deaths to the number of accidents, we have seen falls and this must be welcomed.

“I believe it is only right to pay tribute to all the organisations involved in road safety who have contributed to this success. The Welsh Assembly Government will continue to work in partnership with local authorities, the police, the Fire and Rescue Service and road safety organisations to highlight the importance of road safety and to remind all road users of their responsibilities to themselves and others.“

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