Referendum Blog

Today the people of Wales go to the polls in a referendum that will shape the political future of our country for a generation. As an MP it is frustrating to watch the games of Westminster politicians in derailing and hindering the ability of the Welsh Government to act in the best interests of our people. Today we have the opportunity to empower our National Assembly to introduce laws within those fields that are already devolved to Wales. That is why every political party is supporting the campaign for a yes vote. The purpose of politics is to make a difference to people’s lives, but Assembly Members need the tools to do the job.

A no result tomorrow will paralyse the Welsh Government’s ability to introduce improvements to our Health and Education and our other public services. At a time of huge reductions in public money, the Welsh Government needs these extra powers to act as a shield to protect our communities.

A no result tomorrow will also severely diminish the influence of Wales at Westminster. Compared to Scotland and Northern Ireland, it is very difficult to fight the cause of Wales in London. Wales isn’t taken seriously due to the half house nature of the current constitutional settlement. A yes vote tomorrow would seriously strengthen our hand as a country at UK level.

The antics of the no campaign haven’t helped this referendum. In refusing to set up an official campaign they have been free to spread lies and miss-information. It would be a travesty to democracy if such a campaign was to prevail.

I’ll be voting yes because I want the Welsh Government to be able to make a real difference. I believe in the people of Wales and our ability to build a better future for ourselves. I urge as many voters as possible to do the same.

Man Trafod - Rhowch sylwad yma

Bydd eich ateb yn cael ei gymedroli, ac ni fydd yn ymaddangos yn syth. Medrwch baratoi eich testun mewn prosesydd geiriau cyn ei roi yn y bocs, ond ni fydd elfennau megis trwmder tecst a lliw yn ymddangos.