Records reveal Labour’s PFI blunder

It was just two weeks ago that Leader of the Labour Party in Carmarthenshire, Cllr. Kevin Madge, called for an urgent independent inquiry into how the costly private finance deal, which led to the construction of Ammanford Police Station, was ever allowed to go ahead.

Last week Plaid Cymru politicians Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP hit out at the Labour party for dragging the name of a reputable local company through the mud and conveniently forgetting the Labour party’s love affair with Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) under former Chancellor and Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Information obtained this week by the Plaid Cymru office shows that the former leader of Carmarthenshire Labour Party, Martin P. Morris, was a member of Dyfed Powys Police Authority during the whole period the costly PFI deal was agreed, missing just one meeting in a five year period.

The Plaid Cymru politicians said that Cllr. Madge’s attempt of diverting attention away from Labour’s obsession with PFI has well and truly backfired as records reveal the leader of Carmarthenshire Labour had a direct influence over the decision to proceed with the PFI agreement.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Jonathan Edwards said:

“The attempt by the leader of the Labour party here in Carmarthenshire to divert attention from Labour’s obsession with costly Private Finance deals has well and truly backfired.

“Information obtained by our office shows that the then leader of Carmarthenshire Labour was a member of the Dyfed Powys Police Authority up until 2002 and missed just one meeting in a five year period.

“The Labour party leadership had a direct influence over the Ammanford Police Station PFI contract. The party has absolutely no credibility to now question that decision.

“Cllr. Kevin Madge’s call for an urgent independent inquiry into that PFI agreement has been exposed as nothing but a cheap political stunt, at the expense of a reputable local company, in an effort to pass the buck from a decision for which his party has collective responsibility.”


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