“Reclassify housing stock to defend against Bedroom Tax” – Plaid MP

Carmarthenshire Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards, has urged the local authority and housing associations which operate in the county to take legal advice to see what options are available to them to reclassify their housing stock to defend people against the ‘bedroom tax’ which is due to be introduced on 1st April 2013.

Mr Edwards lead Plaid Cymru’s opposition to the ‘bedroom tax’ in last week’s Plaid/SNP/Green opposition debate in Westminster coming just 40 votes shy of defeating the government. During that debate, Mr Edwards criticised the Labour party for making the issue a political dividing line between themselves and the UK government but failing to bring a vote on the matter to the House of Commons.

In letters to Carmarthenshire Council’s Executive Board Member for Housing, Councillor Tegwen Devichand, and to Chief Executives of five different housing associations (registered social landlords), the Plaid Cymru MP cited the case of Knowsley Housing Trust in Merseyside which recently reclassified nearly 600 family houses as smaller properties.

Reclassifying housing stock to smaller properties, Mr Edwards says, is a way in which councils and housing associations can take a positive and proactive defence against the serious consequences of this unfair Conservative and Lib Dem policy.

MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, Jonathan Edwards, said:

“Public anger towards this toxic Tory policy is growing day by day. That is why Plaid Cymru, along with our Green and SNP colleagues, chose our opposition debate on this issue.

“It’s unfortunate that Labour MPs abstained from voting during the Second Rreading of the Welfare Bill which introduced this policy. Their votes could have helped prevent the Bill getting this far. But we are where we are and at least Labour supported Plaid Cymru’s leadership last week which saw us fall just 40 votes shy of defeating the government.

“I’ve urged the County Council and local housing associations to seriously consider, following the necessary legal advice, whether they are able to reclassify their housing stock to smaller properties in order to mitigate the effects of this unjust and unworkable proposal.

“Wales will once again be disproportionately hit by the bedroom tax. We must do all we can to support those most vulnerable who depend on housing benefit. That includes, of course, recipients who work for a living but still quality for housing support because of their low income.

“Reclassifying properties is a way in which Councils and housing associations can take a positive and proactive defence against the serious consequences of this unfair Conservative and Lib Dem policy coming from London.”


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  1. i totally disagree with this spare bedroom tax i myself am a single tenant living in a 3 bedroom house which i had through a mutral exchange 18 years ago through the council i am a secure council tenant at the moment . i am disabled as i suffer with epeleptic fits , severe pain from disks and bottom of my spine which i get injections in the back once every 6 months to a year to try and ease the pain, plus i suffer with siatica , i have at to have a disabled shower fitted due to my medical and extra hand rail fitted. it as taken me years to get my house the way i wanted it and now cameron want,s to take it all away. SAD as there is no way i will beable to afford to pay 25% bedroom tax out of my income of £101 aweek as the cost of my letric is £20.00 aweek/ gas £20.00/ water £5.00 aweek/as i have got water meter fitted/ tv licence £9.oo aweek/ shopping buying all smart price items comes £34.00 aweek and thats the cheapest you can buy. and thats before i even think of getting clothes and stuff to keep clean due to my incontinant problem. plus due to my medical problems there is no way i would beable to move all my stuff from my house as i cant lift heavy things. plus i would,nt fit all the things from a 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom flat . and there,s no way i could afford to pay anyone to do it. and why should people lose most of there items. what this goverment want,s to do all those who are in favour for bedroom tax in parlament get them to exsperiance living on low income with a disabilty for a couple of years let them build there home up from scratch on low income and then see how they would feel with the goverment forcing them out and making them homeless . how would they feel losing everything. not only that due to my epelepsy the preciour and worry of losing my home and becoming homeless that i have been put through about this bedroom tax in the last year plus as caused fits. which aint good for my health. and there are plenty more suffering the same thing. hope bedroom tax gets crushed as it is going to cause mega problems. and at the moment my rent is £80 per week once i break my tenancy agreement by not being able to afford to pay my 25% bedroom tax rent and become homless then it will be time to commit a crime to get inside behind bars where you get your food / doctors/ bed/ pocket money/ central heating/ shower / and plenty more wherE it will cost goverment between £4000/ to/ £5000 per week. BIG DIFF. CRUSH BEDROOM TAX .

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