Cwestiwn i’r Prif Weinidog (11/12/13)


Jonathan Edwards (Carmarthen East and Dinefwr) (PC):

During his autumn statement, the Chancellor said that “people should expect to spend…a third of their adult lives in retirement.”  Given that life expectancy in some communities in my country is only 75, what does the Prime Minister think would be a fair retirement age in a Welsh context?

The Prime Minister:

The point my right hon. Friend the Chancellor was making is that this should be assessed independently but it is right to set a guide—an expectation—rather than just having Ministers announce from time to time what retirement ages should be. If the point the hon. Gentleman is making is that we need to tackle health inequalities better in our country and that we need ring-fenced budgets for public health, as this Government have brought in, then I would agree with him.

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  1. I thought this when it was announced.

    Average life expectancy – say 80 (easier to do mental maths)
    Adult life begins – say 20
    Therefore – 60 years adult life
    Follows – 1/3 of 60 equals 20.

    So I should be able to spend 20 years in retirement? 80 less 20 equals 60.

    Retirement age should be going down not up?

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