Queen's Speech: 'No majority, no mandate and now no plan'

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Plaid Cymru has responded to today's Queen Speech stating that the Westminster Government has "no majority, no mandate and now no plan".

Ahead of the State Opening of Parliament Plaid Cymru said the Queen's Speech should reflect the outcome of the election, delivering on priorities from different parties, not just the rejected Tory manifesto, and not a dangerous cocktail of Tory and DUP priorities.

Plaid Cymru published its alternative Queen's Speech listing no fewer than seven proposed Bills which would meet the needs of all four countries of the UK.

The party's alternative Queen's Speech includes a new Wales Bill to strengthen the Welsh Parliament and enable the people of Wales to have more control over domestic affairs after Brexit; a Welsh Infrastructure Bill – delivering Tidal Lagoons, upgrading Wales's road and rail networks and providing universal phone and broadband coverage; a Fuel Poverty Bill to give Wales ownership over its resources and allow Welsh citizens to utilise their resources to lower the cost of energy; a Financial Responsibility (Job Creation) Bill which would ensure taxes paid in Wales stay in Wales including Corporation Tax and VAT, and ensure every penny of EU funding is plugged by the UK Government beyond 2022, as was promised during the Brexit referendum; and a Police Resources Bill to ensure that the police and security services have sufficient resources and personnel to carry out their statutory duties.

Plaid Cymru also wants a Bill to review the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme to put an end to the UK Government exploiting Miners and dipping into their pensions; and an Agricultural Support Bill to protect and promote agriculture and rural communities.

In the event of the UK leaving the Single Market or the Customs Union, Plaid Cymru's alternative Queen's Speech calls for a sunrise clause requiring the UK Government to seek the agreement of each of the UK's national Parliaments before signing any new trade deals.

Responding to today's Queen's Speech, Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts, said:

"The Prime Minister's legislative programme is focused far more on soundbites than substance. It is a deficient plan for defining times. The UK Government has been completely exposed as having no majority, no mandate and now no plan.

"The UK Government has neglected its duty to present a legislative programme for all four countries in the UK. Despite a vague reference to working with devolved Parliaments to build consensus, there was not a single commitment to deliver for Wales. Warm words will not protect the Welsh economy."

Carmarthenshire Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards added:

"Plaid Cymru's alternative Queen's Speech is a genuine and realistic list of proposals to allow Wales to grow and our citizens to prosper.

"Today, however, we have seen an underwhelming prospectus from the Westminster government which is nothing more than a list of soundbites accompanied by a very real threat of London taking away power from the Welsh Government.

"Plaid Cymru will work to strengthen this legislative programme by placing a series of amendments, not least to protect police funding, our agricultural sector, national finances and fuel poverty, with the Welsh national interest at their heart.

"We want to see a legislative programme which reflects the challenges facing the whole of the UK.

"We put the Government on notice that Plaid Cymru will not stand by and allow Westminster to treat Wales as a second class nation."


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