Politicians dismay at Court Closure

Plaid Cymru politicians have expressed their dismay at today’s announcement by the UK Government’s Minister of State for the Ministry of Justice to close Ammanford Magistrates’ Court. Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards and Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas who have led the campaign against the Court’s closure have described today’s announcement as an attack on the principle of local and transparent justice.

Responding to the UK Government’s announcement Jonathan Edwards said:

“Contrary to the UK Government’s belief, today’s announcement not only flies in the face of the principle of local justice but is further confirmation that the London Government has no understanding of our needs in Wales.

“I strongly believe that the closure of Ammanford Magistrates’ Court will hit rural areas of my constituency disproportionately at a time in increased financial belt-tightening.

“The UK Government’s decision to close the Courthouse having just spent £59,000 on refurbishment is an absurd decision in itself.

“I have grave concerns for the future of Ammanford’s status as a professional town in fear of seeing businesses relocating outside of the town as the idea of Ammanford being a legal centre diminishes”.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas added:

“This is yet another reason why we need to see the devolution of Criminal Justice in Wales.

“We need a Government that will protect legal services and the communities in which those services are needed.

“This is a deeply one sided and ill-thought out process which looks no further than where the Ministry of Justice can save a few pounds.

“We will almost certainly see the demise of the lay magistracy and greater use of district judges as the notion of crime detection, crime prevention and punishment fall right at the bottom of the UK Government’s priorities”.


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  1. Does this mean that as local tax payers, we are now able to strip the £59,000 of reinvested assets into this courthouse?

    theARCproject would be happy to reclaim and recycle any items and equipment that may be better used elsewhere in our community.


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