Politicians Back Local Traders on A-Board Campaign

Local traders are continuing to voice their unhappiness that council watchdogs are preventing them from using their A-boards for advertising. New Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards has now written to the council backing town centre businesses who feel the council’s position is having a real impact on their fight against the recession.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Since becoming an MP I have already spoken to a number of traders who are really frustrated by this issue. It is clearly a matter that is causing a lot of concern amongst businesses in the county. I have written to the council highlighting the commercial importance of A-boards for the local economy and calling for a constructive dialogue to ensure the viability of our town centres.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“There are obviously some reasons behind the council’s stance but equally they must understand that we are in the middle of the toughest recession in modern memory. Restricting local businesses from drawing customers in only ads to their difficulties in getting through the downturn.”

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