Political interference in OBR projections ‘extremely worrying’

Plaid Cymru has seized on today’s news as reported in the Financial Times regarding evidence of political interference in the OBR’s budget projections.

Plaid’s Treasury spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP called the revelations ‘extremely worrying’ and urged the Chancellor, George Osborne, to make an urgent statement to the House of Commons to address the allegations on Monday.

Mr Edwards said:

“I’m astonished at these revelations. The OBR has been heralded as ‘independent’ since its creation – a fact that has now been seriously bought into question.

“Mr Osborne has a lot of explaining to do. He must come to the Commons on Monday and explain why his supposedly independent OBR appears to have been involved in political manoeuvring.

“These accusations undermine the figures presented at the time of the budget. As we warned at that time, these savage cuts in the budget by the ConDems are un-necessary and especially damaging to our economy.

“60,000 public sector jobs are now at stake in Wales as a result of this.

“However, there is still time for the ConDems to think again. The have to reconsider the devastating effect their irresponsible cuts will have on society.

“The effects of the Tories and LibDems reckless policies are becoming ever clearer. I do hope that they will rethink their plans by the time of the spending review that determines the Welsh budget in the Autumn.

“While the ConDems boast about their axe-swinging cuts, they are quick to forget that there are real people and their jobs at the end of it.”


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