Social Partnership for Carmarthenshire

We are campaigning for a social partnership for Carmarthenshire made up of the public sector, the private sector, the 3rd Sector, the Trade Unions (including the Farming Unions) and Elected Members in order to protect the local economy in the face of the recession and likely UK Government public sector cuts following the General Election. The partnership will be tasked with saving jobs and dealing with the devastating human cost of the recession.

New Labour and the Tories only care about the interests of the economic elite – the investment bankers and the speculators that have caused such damage to our economy with their reckless behaviour. We want Carmarthenshire County Council to set up an emergency Summit of all key local stakeholders in order to develop a more collective approach to economic policy.

  • Maximise effectiveness of local procurement
  • Identify bottlenecks to private sector development
  • Drive business start ups and entrepreneurship
  • Discuss business rates levels
  • Identify gaps for 3rd sector to fill in terms of public service delivery
  • Clear links between private and public sectors with 3rd sector to deal with human cost of
  • Tackle youth unemployment
  • Maximise structural fund and European Investment Bank investment
  • Advise Welsh and UK elected representatives on key local economic concerns to raise within respective Parliaments

Both New Labour and the Tories for political reasoning rather than sound economic thinking have signed up to a programme of savage public sector cuts following the General Election. The Westminster consensus of the London parties is going to have a severely damaging effect on the economies of traditional manufacturing areas and public sector reliant economies such as Carmarthenshires. The County Council leadership must act now to preserve as many jobs as possible.

The reality is that with the public sector facing tough cut backs, the private and 3rd sector is going to have to have to fill the void. We have to make sure that we are doing everything possible to allow those sectors of the economy to develop. A social partnership would help create the right environment for this to happen