Low Flying Aircraft and Drone Testing

I am opposed to the militarisation of our county. As a long standing opponent of the Welsh Military Tactical Training Area which covers large parts of Carmarthenshire and allows aircraft to operate extremely low levels – if elected I will continue the hard work of Adam Price MP on this issue. I will question the Ministry of Defence on what proportion of flying sorties are in our county are undertaken for training purposes by the UK armed forces and by foreign nationals as part of defence contracts. I will also campaign for the UK Government to conduct health studies in relation to hearing and cardio health as a result of low flying aircraft operations.

I am opposed to the proposed land air corridor for drone aircraft testing. I am opposed to drone military technology on humanitarian grounds following their use by the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza; and by the USA in Afghanistan.

I am also concerned for the civil liberties and privacy of the people of Carmarthenshire as a result of the land based air corridors. During testing these drones will be able to circle homes and take high resolution photographs of people going about their daily business.

Following a series of crashes during testing there are also obvious serious safety concerns in relation to allowing these drones to be tested over populated areas.