Fuel Poverty

It is estimated that 25% of Welsh households live in fuel poverty. After 12 years of New Labour, this is a damning indictment of their failure to promote social justice.

We need action at global, UK, Welsh and Local Authority level. To be fair the Government of Wales within its limit remit has attempted to prioritise this policy area with its energy efficiency schemes.

At global level we need a long term agreement between oil producer and consumer states to stabilise the price of oil. This package could include the changing of the trading currency if the US dollar continues to weaken.

At UK level we need to distribute winter fuel payments amongst all vulnerable groups; remove the fuel poor from the failing liberalised market by enforcing a mandatory social tariff and capping price increases as in France; ensure that energy companies are not able to act in a cartel like manner; simplify the tariff structure; direct energy efficiency investment at the most vulnerable.

The Government of Wales should seek greater control of UK Government schemes such as CERT and CESP so that any fuel poverty investment is coordinated with Welsh Government strategies; increase income maximisation amongst fuel poor households.

Local Authorities should identify fuel poor households and retro fit homes with the latest air to heat energy pumps.