Police Called After Campaign Vandalism

Plaid Cymru’s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards has spoken of his disappointment after having to call the police following a number of Plaid signs being vandalised throughout the election campaign. A large number of signs have been ripped down, destroyed and in one instance a sign was pulled down with obscenities written across it. The police have now been informed of the activities and are looking into the matter.

Jonathan Edwards said:

“I am hugely disappointed that this sort of thing has been taking place. The fact is many of the people who have put up Plaid signs on their property are not politically active, in some cases not even Plaid members. These are people who want to take part in the democratic process but instead have had to endure vandalism. It does nothing to encourage people to take part in the debate and is very unsavoury.

Naturally elections are fought tooth and nail, and often they do get competitive because people from all political parties are passionate about what they believe in. However there has to be a certain level of respect and it is of course a shame that things have reached the point where we have had to call the police.”

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