Plaid urge residents to have their say in Council Planning Policy

Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas and MP Jonathan Edwards are urging residents to respond to the County Council’s draft Local Development Plan (LDP) which was launched for consultation on 22nd June and will run until 19th August 2011.

The Local Development Plan, which will replace the current Unitary Development Plan (UDP), is considered one of the most crucial of all planning documents in the county; determining where planning developments should or should not take place.

The Carmarthen East & Dinefwr representatives said it was vital that residents have their say during the consultation period as becomes more difficult for communities to challenge unwanted planning applications once the LDP has been adopted.

In a joint statement, the Plaid Cymru AM and MP said:

“We are aware of so many controversial developments over the years, it is important to highlight this crucial consultation which will determine the future of Carmarthenshire.


“If you’re a developer and want to propose a candidate site for development, or an individual or community that want to protect a site from development, now is the time to make your views known.


“Everyone appreciates that developments are fundamental to our economy and will inevitably take place.  But given the importance placed on the sites adopted in the LDP, it is of significant importance that residents contact the Council with their views now.”


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