Plaid Politicians Continue to Fight for Court

Following the publication of Lord Justice Goldring’s report last week which noted the decision to close Ammanford Magistrates’ Court may be determined by the rural locations which the Court serves, local politicians Jonathan Edwards MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM have raised their concerns directly to the UK Government’s Secretary of State for Justice. Calling the Ministry of Justice’s basis for consultation “disingenuous”, the elected members raise a catalogue of errors which formed the consultation and have not been addressed in the Lord Justice’s report.

Jonathan Edwards said:

“During the consultation I raised concerns that its hurried nature would lead to impulsive closures. These concerns have held water as we see the catalogue of errors given as basis to review the Court’s existence. The Lord Justice’s report notes just one error in the consultation document, but draws no reference to the other issues that the Dinefwr Bench itself illustrated. Rhodri Glyn and I have been left with no alternative but to raise these issues directly with the Secretary of State to ensure the review of the Court is based on facts.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas added:

“Whilst the Magistrates’ Court has seen a sense of reprieve in the Lord Justice’s report on the rural communities in the county, both Jonathan and I have grave concerns that the Secretary of State will take the Lord Justice’s report at face value, and as a consequence, the significant errors in the consultation paper will not be addressed. We believe there is a strong case to keep the Court open and urge the Secretary of State to note these fundamental errors”.


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