Plaid MP warns over misleading plans for lottery funding changes

Plaid Cymru’s newly elected MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, Jonathan Edwards, has warned that a Conservative Party proposal for lottery funding changes may see Wales worse off.

The proposal, made earlier on today by Conservative Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport secretary of state, Jeremy Hunt MP, promised an increase in money for heritage, sports and the arts, but at the cost of money to community and voluntary groups through the Big Lottery Fund, which will see its funding cut by 10%.

Mr Edwards said:

“ Wales is losing out by a shocking £437m all told from the loss of funding for our sports and heritage from the London Olympics and the Barnett consequential that we should be receiving from this ten billion pound investment in London .

“This new announcement by the Conservatives sounds like extra money coming into heritage and sport, but it is likely to come at yet more of a cost to our communities.

“These plans sound as if the Tories want to fund their own pet projects for middle England instead of giving much needed funding to the community and voluntary sector in Wales .

“We will be watching these changes very carefully to see the possible effects upon our communities in Wales .”


Nodiadau / Notes:

Jeremy Hunt, Conservative MP for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport has announced that the ratio of funding good sources from lottery funding will be changed from 2011-12 and will eventually be 20% for arts, heritage and sports, up from 16.7%, while the Big Lottery Fund which funds the community and voluntary sector will see its share of funding down from 50% to 40%. politics/8692539.stm

The Big Lottery Fund, which will see its share of lottery funding cut by 10% under these plans, has the fairest funding formula for Wales , giving Wales 6.5% of the available money. The Lords select committee on the Barnett Formula described the fund as having the “advantage of being comprehensible and simple”.

http://www.publications. ldselect/ldbarnett/139/13910. htm

It has long been accepted that Wales loses out on more than £100m from lottery investment being spent on the London Olympics and more than £300m through not receiving a Barnett consequential from UK Government spend on the Olympic Games. news/wales-news/tm_headline= shocking-8216-cost-8217-to- wales-of-olympics&method=full& objectid=19904883&siteid= 50082-name_page.html

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  1. i dont really feel that wales should suffer from less funding from the lottery we always seem to get a raw deal in wales.

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