Plaid MP Slams Level of Welsh Cuts

Plaid Cymru’s local MP has slammed the ConDem government for inflicting cuts on Wales which will be a third more than that of the UK average according to the government’s own statistics.

Commentating after the Chancellor’s announced plans for ‘efficiency savings’, Jonathan Edwards said:

By her own admission, according to the Secretary of State, Wales will lose out on £187m next year, a figure the Tory party shockingly believes to be a good deal for Wales.

These are extremely worrying announcements. The Tory-Lib Dem government have certainly sharpened the axe and have given very little thought as to the impact these cuts will have here in Wales.

It is quite clear that all the London parties, Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour are happy to undermine the local economy here in Carmarthenshire. Recent talk of 400-500 job losses at the council were based on Labour’s savage figures. These cuts could cause even more pain locally where 35% of people employed in the county work in the public sector.”

Mr Edwards added:

“The proposed cuts will have a disproportionate effect on Wales as they are 33% greater on the Welsh budget than the UK as a whole. Wales is already under funded yet the Westminster government refuses to address that fact.

No doubt the 18 cabinet millionaires in the Tory-Lib Dem government will not be feeling the pinch in the way public sector workers here in Carmarthenshire will – especially if Wales suffers a double dip recession due to these cuts.”

Nodiadau / Notes:

The cuts announced to the Welsh Assembly Budget by Welsh Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan are £187m from a budget of £15.7bn (1.2%), while the announced cuts to the UK Budget by George Osborne (Cons) and David Laws (Lib Dem) were £6.243bn from a total budget of £704bn (0.89%) for 2010-11 (based on Budget 2010 figures). Wales is being disproportionately hit by these cuts as a percentage of UK total spending.

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