Plaid MP seeks assurances from funding fundamentalist organisation

Carmarthenshire MP Jonathan Edwards has expressed his concerns at Carmarthenshire County Council’s decision to offer grant funding and a loan to Towy Community Church in Carmarthen.
The Council agreed earlier this month to provide a loan to the Church to assist with “Project Xcel”, a community project which will provide amongst other things, a bowling alley, auditorium, coffee shop and food bank.
Mr. Edwards said the project seemed entirely honourable and would be a fantastic asset for the whole county, but said he wants reassurance from the local authority that public funding would not be diverted to the fundamentalist Mercy Ministries organisation which the Church has already had links with.
The MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr said:
“Undoubtedly the project being led by the Community Church seems entirely honourable and would be a fantastic asset for the whole of the county.  The facilities would be welcomed by all sections of the community.
“However given the Church openly admitted it has previously funded the work of the Mercy Ministries organisation, the ratepayers of Carmarthenshire need assurances that public funding will not be diverted to this fundamentalist association.
“I have written to the Chief Executive of the County Council asking what safeguards are in place to ensure public funding is not spent on such contentious activities so that ratepayers of Carmarthenshire can be assured their money is being spent appropriately”.

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