Plaid keeps focus on jobs and growth as UK narrowly avoids triple-dip recession

Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, has responded to today’s GDP figures by renewing his party’s commitment to creating jobs and growth in order to challenge the failure of economic policies adopted by successive Westminster governments.

He added that Wales is still suffering disproportionately as a result of the Coalition’s cuts and that his party’s pledge to always put the economic interests of the Welsh people first means that Plaid Cymru must be the next government in Wales.

Mr Edwards said:

“The GDP figures confirm the outright failure of any Westminster government to look after the economy.

“Against the backdrop of swingeing cuts and mass underemployment, this minuscule growth offers little comfort to the millions of ordinary people suffering falling standards of living.

“Since the very start of the financial crisis, Plaid Cymru has sensibly worked for investment to create jobs and boost growth across Wales through investment in schools, hospitals, railways and housing.

“The dangerously misplaced fiscal policies of the UK Government have caused unprecedented economic decline and could lead to a lost decade for growth which has done Wales no good.

“According to the Financial Times, £1billion will be lost from the Welsh economy next year because of their austerity cuts.

“Unfortunately the Welsh Government also have their head in the sands and refuse to commission GDP figures for Wales so that we can judge their performance.

“Plaid Cymru, under the leadership of Leanne Wood, is leading the fight to bring jobs and growth to communities across our nation. We have a positive vision for Wales with fair and progressive policies to create new jobs and tackle under-employment.

“Only Plaid Cymru will always put the economic interests of Wales first, and that is why Plaid Cymru must be the next government of Wales.”


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