Plaid Highlight Importance of Preserving Rural Economy

Plaid candidate for the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency, Jonathan Edwards, has joined Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones to highlight the importance of preserving the rural economy. The pair was highlighting the issue whilst visiting local markets in Newcastle Emlyn.

Jonathan Edwards said:

“Preserving the rural economy is vitally important, especially to areas such as Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. It is important that we safeguard not only the crucial role of the farming industry but the many different aspects of the rural economy, from local shops to markets. This unique part of the economy is essential to our heritage, to attracting tourism and for supporting local employers. I was extreamly pleased to have been joined by Elin on the visit as her work in this area has been fantastic and shows the sort of difference Plaid can make.”

Plaid‘s Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones AM said:

“In my role as Rural Affairs Minister I have been fortunate to visit markets, stalls and shops right across Wales and seen the impact they have on the local economy of rural areas. Supporting those enterprises is vital to creating a thriving backbone for rural Wales.”

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