Plaid Cymru has reacted with fury at the news that 1,200 jobs are understood to be at risk in Wales with just one office out of eight (Cardiff) likely to be safe under the proposals.

HMRC has a regional office in Carmarthen and others in Prestatyn, Porthmadog, Wrexham, Merthyr Tydfil, and Colwyn Bay.

Member of Parliament for Carmarthen East Dinefwr Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“This is extremely worrying news both for the workers in question and for the Welsh economy as a whole.

“Cuts of this magnitude would be yet another hammer blow to jobs in Wales and to already struggling communities across the country. 

“This will no doubt impact on the quality of service – and there are questions about the future provision of Welsh language services across Wales.

“Why is Wales left taking the lion’s share of the cuts from the ConDems in Westminster – and what has happened to the Labour party’s promise to stand up to them to shield us from such hits?”

Constituency Colleague, Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas added:

“First we had the closure of Ammanford Magistrates Court and now the potential loss of tax offices in Carmarthen and throughout the country.  What exactly is it that the Conservatives and Lib Dems have against us here in Carmarthenshire?

“Plaid has actively promoted and encouraged regional services throughout the whole of Wales to help boost job opportunities everywhere.  The closure of eight offices in Wales would be a return to the typical Labour and Tory centralisation programme of years gone by.

“The First Minister promised to defend Wales from the Tory cuts in the recent election.  So far he hasn’t been able to deliver on that promise.  For the sake of the many people employed in the HMRC offices, specifically those here in Carmarthenshire, are not left wanting by this Labour government.”



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