Plaid Cymru the only elected party rejecting austerity in Wales

Plaid Cymru represents the ‘only hope for struggling communities and businesses in Wales’ following further austerity announced by Government at the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), says Jonathan Edwards MP.

Responding to Chancellor Osborne’s speech, the Plaid Cymru Treasury spokesperson said:

“Today’s CSR paints a grim picture of further austerity ahead for Wales. The Tory Chancellor George Osborne laid a political trap for Labour that they have fallen into hook, line, and sinker by publicly accepting austerity cuts if they form the next government.

“This leaves the people of Wales with absolutely no difference between Tory austerity and Labour austerity.

“Austerity has failed on its own terms – it has been self-defeating, with the economy either in recession or stagnant in recent years.

“Even the IMF – the high priests of austerity – have realised the error of their ways and called on the Government to ease the cuts and spend much more on infrastructure to grow the economy.

“Labour’s commitment to Tory spending plans will bring real harm to the people of Wales where this year, cuts to social security will take over £1billion from the Welsh economy.

“Not only have the so-called Opposition proposed a regional benefits cap, they have also failed to commit to scrapping the devastating bedroom tax policy.

“Plaid Cymru represents the only hope for struggling communities and businesses in Wales. We reject austerity and have put forward plans for a massive expansion in investment in vital public services and building schools, hospitals and transport links in order to create jobs and grow the economy.

“This would bring down the deficit in the long term in contrast to the failed economic policies of the London parties.

“We will also continue to push for the full implementation of all the Silk Commission recommendations to transfer vital job-creating powers to Wales as a bare minimum.

“Plaid Cymru has the ideas, the vision and desire for a better Wales.”


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