Plaid calls for awareness campaign to tackle hoax calling

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP are calling for an awareness campaign to tackle the high number of hoax calls made to Police Services in Wales.

Figures obtained by Plaid Cymru through a Freedom of Information request to Dyfed Powys Police revealed that over 1,175 hoax calls have been made to the local police force during the last three financial years.

Rhodri and Jonathan believe that many young people are unaware of the serious impacts of hoax calling, and are urging parents, teachers and the police to educate their children on the real life consequences that hoax calls have.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“These are very concerning figures. The fact is that whilst police services are being diverted to deal with these hoax calls real emergencies are going unnoticed. The police have a hugely difficult job as it is without the added burden of wasting time, energy and resources on hoaxes. I know many parents, teachers and police initiatives are already focused on this problem but clearly the message has to be highlighted hoax calls are having a major impact on the safety of our communities.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“Dyfed-Powys police are consistently one of the best performing police authorities in the UK. However, as the Chief Constable has publicly stated, the savage cutbacks being imposed on them by the Con-Dem government in the UK are going to have a real impact on front line policing. With those constraints it is more important than ever that the severity of the impact hoax calls have on the service is conveyed. Every available officer is going to be needed.”

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