Plaid Call for 2km Wind Farm Buffer Zone

Plaid Cymru have called on Carmarthenshire County Council to formally adopt a 2km buffer zone policy for large scale, commercial wind farm developments, which would restrict wind turbines being erected within 2km (1.5miles) of a residential home, unless the resident requested otherwise. In a letter to the Council, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM stated that he is in favour of wind energy and believed that the Council could play a crucial role in achieving energy targets, whilst at the same time preserving and protecting the rights of local communities.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Over the past number of years, representations have been made to me in relation to poor traffic management plans whilst the turbines are delivered on site; land being destroyed by developers; the visual impacts by the sheer size of the turbines and the locations of turbines; specifically in relation to dwellings, to name but a few. As a result of several hundreds of hours in meetings with residents, landowners, land agents, developers and developer’s agents, I have written to the Council to ask them to establish a 2km buffer zone. Obviously if there are residential homes, such as farmers whose land the sites would be placed, that wish to be exempted that should be accommodated. However, where there is opposition I believe abiding by a 2km buffer zone would make a real difference.”

Plaid‘s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“Having spoken to people that have come under a lot of strain as a result of wind farm developments being situated very near to their homes I am left with little doubt that some protection must be offered. I am supportive of wind energy, as part of a holistic approach to tackling climate change, but I do believe that for the green agenda to work we need to take people with us. Any developments should fully take into account the impact they will have on the lives of the individuals and communities in which they are built. I hope the Council recognise that and take this proposal under serious consideration.”

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  1. Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants.-”"

  2. actually it is not that hard to setup wind farms, the only problem is that it requires lots of capital investment.:~,

  3. wind farms are great but they also take up a large land area,*.

  4. wind farms are eco friendly and can generate massive amounts of electricity’;:

  5. wind farms in germany are great! i hope that we could install those in every country’~’

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