Nantycaws MP and AM comment on oil pipeline breach

Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards and Assembly Member Adam Price, who represent the Nantycaws and surrounding areas have commented on the breach of the oil pipeline.

Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards said:

"Whilst we have unconfirmed reports of the quantity of oil which has escaped, I understand this is a high-pressure line which suggests significant quantities of this highly volatile liquid has by now leaked out.

"This is an extremely serious incident which requires immediate remedial action.

"Public health is the number one priority and a first course of action must be to stop any further leaks to minimise the contamination to land, wildlife and the watercourse.

"I am calling on the Welsh Government to ensure all necessary resources are provided to relevant agencies in order to resolve this incident."

Assembly Member Adam Price added:

"There is no doubt that this is a major incident and requires the escalation to the highest course of action available.

"I am urging the Welsh Government to commit every possible resource to the operation and I am seeking a statement from the Cabinet Secretary for this assurance.

"We expect a full a thorough investigation of this incident, but the first priority must be the safety of local residents and stopping any further contamination of the area."


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