Pensioners Urged to Claim Tax Reduction

County pensioners are being urged to ensure that they do not miss out on gaining a reduction to their tax bills. If you are aged over 65, are a Council Tax-payer and are not in receipt of Council Tax Benefit you can get a reduction off your 2010-11 bill. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP have outlined their concern that the process has not been communicated efficiently after a large number of residents made contact with their office requesting advice. Applications need to be returned before September 30th and can be sourced by contacting Carmarthenshire Direct on 01267 234567.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“We have had a lot of people coming into the office asking how they can get a reduction on their bill and so we are worried that pensioners will miss out on this opportunity. Hopefully people eligible will get in touch with Carmarthenshire Direct to make sure they save themselves some money.”

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“In this day and age when everyone is struggling financially a tax reduction is a big bonus and I would be very disappointed it pensioners who should be getting it missed out.”

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  1. Does this not show the nonsense of Council Tax? People will never get the reductions they are entitled to, while Council Tax persists. Under fair taxation systems, people would pay tax according to ability to pay, and would not need to apply for rebates. Fair taxation systems include (1) Local Income Tax ; or (2) 100% central government funding of local government expenditure. (On average, about 75% of local government expenditure is already centrally funded – why not 100%?)

    Leis gach deagh dhurachd bho Alba
    (With every good wish from Scotland)

    Gilleasbuig Mac Ghille Bhain
    Archie White

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